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TapHome is a next generation smart home system.
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TapHome is a next generation smart home system.

It comes with revolutionary concept of Smart Rules. They are cool plugins which let you control your home yourselves. No need for you to call a service person who would change system scripts. Smart Rules do heavy scripting under the hood, you get a clean inferface.

Backend architecture is based on cloud. Cloud allows you to control your home when away without any need for special network technology. With TapHome, you just need to log into the app.

Featured Smart Rules:
– Countdown timer with delays
– Protect blinds from strong wind
– Adjust the angle of blinds according to position of the sun
– Alarm with PIN codes and phases
– Simple alarm, that sends notifications when sensor is tripped
– Presence simulation with lights and blinds
– Light scene and light scene sequencer
– Perform actions when button is pushed, switch changes its state
– Weekly schedules for thermostats, blinds, switches, actions
– Turn on the light on motion, if brigtness is less than…
– Sunset / sunrise events
– Temperature regulators, e.g. hysteresis, PID
– Actions to be performed when result of the formula is true

There can be even multiple Smart Rules assigned to one device. Smart Rule that is higher in the list has higher priority. For example “Protect blinds from strong wind” should typically be above “Blinds go down when sun intensity exceeds specified level”.

Device can be managed manually by user, automatically via Smart Rules, or in combination.
When manual change is made on a device with active Smart Rules, there are following options:
– Keep manual mode for a limited time (1m – 12h)
– Keep manual mode until next automatic change
– Keep manual mode until user changes it back to automatic
– Do not allow manual mode

Platform and protocols:
– Works with both cable and wireless communication standards
– Supports 1-Wire sensors and DMX lighting control
– Integrates popular smart devices Philips Hue, NetAtmo and HomeMatic


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