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Introducing Little Logger, a tool to make keeping track of your little one as easy as possible.
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Introducing Little Logger, a tool to make keeping track of your little one as easy as possible.
Little Logger is an app for logging your baby’s activities, from feedings, diaper changes, growth, and sleep to pumping sessions, baby’s mood, and more, it can all be logged here. Once you start logging your little one’s actions, you can see trends charted over time. Log feedings daily to keep track of how much baby is eating, ensure baby soiled enough diapers, and enter baby’s measurements and see growth charted for you. Little Logger is designed to make parenting less stressful, and help you remember all those important moments.

• Track several types of events including: Feedings, diaper changes, sleep and more.
• Full dark mode support
• Sync data between devices by logging in with Google or Facebook
• Track multiple children
• View trends from tracked events

Stay tuned for more features to come!
Have any issues or features you would like to see in the next version of Little Logger?
Contact us as [email protected]

What can I track?
– Feedings:
• Breast, bottle, or any food you like
• Duration
• Which side was used
– Diaper Changes
• Wet, dirty, mixture, or clean
– Sleep
• Start and stop time
• Quality of sleep
– Pumping
• Quantity of milk pumped
• Start side, end side
– Growth
• Weight and length of your baby
– Milestones
• Milestone Type: Crawling, laughing, walking and more
• Add your own custom milestones
– Temperature
• Your baby’s temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
– Mood
• Mood Type: Happy, fussy, playful, etc
• Custom moods
• Intensity of the mood
– Medication
• Acetominophen, Ibuprofen, etc
• Custom medications
– Illness
• Illness Type: Cold, Flu, Strep, RSV, etc
• Custom illnesses
– Vaccinations
• Vaccine Type: Hep A, Hep B, DTAP, etc.
• Custom vaccinations
– Activity
• Duration
• Activity Type: play time, story time, swimming, etc.
• Custom activity types

What's new

Introducing Little Logger Premium - Unlock exclusive access to new styling options, new themes, and all future premium features.

• We've added support for iPad, so now you can take your logging to the big screen.
• Added the ability to change the home screen wallpaper
• New Themes: 
- Baby Boy, Baby Girl
- Flowers, Lux, Woodsy, Architect, and Bits (Premium users only)

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