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Want to ignite a spark in your child for loving Punjabi and wanting to learn for years to come?
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Want to ignite a spark in your child for loving Punjabi and wanting to learn for years to come?

This fun educational app will help your child rapidly learn Punjabi letters, numbers, shapes and words. It features narration instructions in both Punjabi and English. This app makes learning fun for children ages 2 to 8.

When creating GooGoo Monsters, we wanted to build the best experience possible for children. The fun games will engage and expand their knowledge, memory and fine motor skills.

Tracing Games

The tracing games help kids recognize Gurmukhi letters, numbers and shapes and how they associate with Punjabi pronunciations. Any toddler, kindergartner or school age child can learn by simply tracing with their fingers.

Matching Game

The Matching Game will entice your child to feed their cute GooGoo friends different Earth foods and learn their names in Punjabi.

Memory Game

The Memory Game will help develop your child’s memory. It will expand their knowledge of Punjabi words for animals, GooGoo Monster names, and learn the colors of the futuristic spaceships the GooGoos use to travel across the universe!

Coloring Game

The Coloring Game has 8 mandalas for your child to color. Mandalas are geometric configurations of art. The game lets your child select colors and fill in the beautiful mandalas.

*Parents and Teachers

It is very important to develop writing and recognition skills. This app is a tool that can be utilized for school, homework, and even in the back seat of your car. You can assign your child letters, numbers and shapes to complete during their session.

Give your child the gift of learning the beautiful language of Punjabi. Have fun!

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