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This article will give you review about three popular Artificial Intelligence Software: TensorFlow, IBM SPSS, OpenCV and we hope that you can find useful information before choosing the best one for your business.
The first Artificial Intelligence software we review is TensorFlow. TensorFlow is a math library that symbolizes machine learning activities. Originally created by Google Brain for internal use of the company, it is now an open source platform with frequent updates and widespread use. TensorFlow can perform tasks such as location identification in photos, provide accurate search results, accurately identify voices and provide on-site translations.
Although previously, it was mostly used for Google applications, but TensorFlow has been adapted for many uses since it became an open source platform. It allows groups and individuals to develop their own smart applications and enjoy their intelligent results based on cognitive platform.

The first Artificial Intelligence software we review is TensorFlow
TensorFlow brings about many benefits to users:
Quick update
TensorFlow 1.0 version was released in February 2017, bringing a host of new and advanced features. Thanks to the Google team behind this platform, as well as dozens of collaborators helping build it, users and developers around the world can enjoy the latest innovations in cognitive reasoning and machine learning.
Multi-platform program
TensorFlow can work best on GPUs but is capable of extracting power from the CPU of the computer without the need for a dedicated graphics processor. This allows developers and developers with limited resources to be able to create projects using the platform. In addition, TensorFlow runs on mobile devices via Android and iOS. This means that developers who are always on the move or who want to create models for mobile use can do it easily.
Perform eagerly

TensorFlow recently introduced implementation eagerly. This feature helps debug a simplified process as well as allows easy construction and training of animations. In addition to these benefits, users can immediately check and debug their charts and use Python control flow in the platform API.
Wide ecosystem
TensorFlow is supported by a large ecosystem, boasting many software tools and libraries that support developers to work effectively. An example is TensorBoard, a series of web applications that can be used to drill down into subsections of the chart and check their details.
How long does TensorFlow cost?
Free trial
TENSORFLOW: Free and there are no business pricing plans.
The second Artificial Intelligence software reviewed is IBM SPSS. IBM SPSS is a software suite that uses predictive intelligence to provide users with accurate and achievable data for supreme business results. This is a flexible and user-friendly platform that allows people with different skill levels to use the power of predictive analysis for projects of varying scale and complexity. IBM SPSS provides access to powerful algorithms and tools that work together to cover all an organization’s needs that need to involve analytical processes.
With IBM SPSS, users can control their organizations towards new opportunities to grow and improve as well as make their work processes more efficient and protect their organizations against risk again.
Overview of IBM SPSS advantages:
Improve customer attraction and retention
With IBM SPSS, businesses can use predictive models to adjust their services according to their customers’ specific needs and provide them with intimate and deep relationships. By providing personalized services, companies can make some of their customers happy and can turn them into profitable long-term prospects.
Moreover, the software suite can be used to analyze customer sentiment from various surveys and interactions. This allows companies to provide indispensable insights about their personal needs and interests and ensure that their needs and wants are met.
Strong fraud protection
By deploying IBM SPSS in their systems, organizations can minimize the risk of fraud and offer strategies to ensure such anomaly does not happen again. This was done by analyzing every bit of data inside the system. This allows them to closely monitor their infrastructure, allowing them to immediately detect suspicious movements and implement mitigation actions.
Effective recruitment process
Investing in IBM SPSS provides full ROI for companies even in recruitment. By using predictive analytics, employers can immediately find people with skills and qualities that match the open position. In this way, they can retain valuable and skilled employees longer and reduce losses caused by high levels of consumption.
Increase revenue and growth
IBM SPSS supports commercial organizations to identify development opportunities. The software suite also helps identify the areas that can be further improved to give businesses a competitive advantage.
How much does IBM SPSS cost?

SPSS statistics of IBM – $ 99.00 / user / month
Statistical tools
Open source integration
Statistical analysis
IBM SPSS Modeler – $ 199.00 / user / month
Support multiple data sources
Flow of visual analysis
Prepare data automatically
Automatic model
Algorithm method
Text analysis
Geographical space analysis
Many deployment methods
IBM SPSS deployment and cooperation service – request a quote
Cooperation support
Share business analysis
Automatic process
Infrastructure integration
Access control and version
IBM SPSS analysis server – request a quote
Structured and unstructured data
Integrated Apache Spark
IBM SPSS Amos – request a quote
Modeling images
Exploration techniques
Non-graphic model
Determine the relationship changes
IBM SPSS Analytics Enterprise – request a quote
Combine IBM’s predictive analytics software
Many data sources & environments
Flexible deployment options
Open & integrated solution
OpenCV is the last Artificial Intelligence software we will review. OpenCV is a free and open source computer software learning library. This platform is designed to provide a common infrastructure for computer vision applications and to quickly track the machine’s perceived use of innovations available in the market.
In addition, OpenCV is operating under the BSD license, which means there is at least no restriction on library use. This allows commercial entities to use the code and tailor it as desired. OpenCV allows users to have access more than 2,500 algorithms used to deploy some computer vision and machine learning capabilities such as identifying face recognition objects.
The important thing to remember is that almost no service in the category of Artificial Intelligence software will be a perfect solution that can fit all the objectives of different types of companies, scales and industries. Different industries. It may be a good idea to read some of the previous OpenCV reviews because specific software can only dominate in a very narrow application set or be designed with a specific industry. Others can operate with the purpose of simplicity and intuition and the result is the lack of complex functions that are welcomed by more experienced users. You can also find applications that support multiple user groups and offer powerful feature toolboxes, but this often comes at a higher cost for such a solution. Make sure you are aware of your needs, so you choose a solution that has the specific elements you seek.
OpenCV has no regular business pricing plan, it has a BSD license. This means it is an inexpensive platform and it can be modified depending on the needs of the user.

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