How Can an Asbestos Attorney Help Me?

The majority of people who file asbestos lawsuits have no idea of who is truly responsible for their injuries. For instance, most people believe that their employers are responsible, when in fact it’s often the manufacturers that supplied the asbestos to the employer. In addition, there may be several manufacturers that are responsible. An asbestos attorney can help you by researching your case and uncovering the party or parties responsible.

Additionally, if you have a valid case, your attorney will let you know after reviewing your information. He or she will be able to give you an idea of the chances you have of a positive outcome and the amount of compensation you may be able to claim.

Furthermore, attorneys can help you understand the process of the lawsuit, including what steps are taken, how long your case may last, and any extenuating circumstances that may hold your lawsuit up.

What Are the Attorney Fees?

Attorney fees are not set in stone, and each lawyer may have different fees. While there is no way to definitively answer how much your fees will be, most attorneys who specialize in such sensitive cases as asbestos understand that people who are undergoing expensive medical treatments usually cannot pay before a trial or settlement. A contingency-based fee helps ensure that clients have the option to retain an attorney without any up-front fees.

Always ask how much the fees will be so that there are no surprises when a percentage of your compensation is taken out to pay for attorney fees. Again, most attorneys have their own set of fees; some may take 40% to 45% in fees while others may take 20% or 25%. Others may take 15% or 30%, and as mentioned earlier, fees for settlement cases can go as low as 3% to 5%.

Keep in mind that having trust in an attorney and being confident and comfortable in their experience and knowledge is an important factor. Although you may find a lawyer who offers low fees, if they don’t have the dedication and experience working with asbestos cases, you run a risk of losing your case.